Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy, 6th editionIntelligence: From Secrets to Policy by Mark M. Lowenthal
(6th Edition | CQ Press, a division of SAGE | May 2014)

Intelligence veteran and bestselling author Mark M. Lowenthal, President and CEO of the Intelligence & Security Academy,  provides an introduction to the overall function of intelligence; how it is structured; which agencies carry out which functions; how intelligence relates to policy; the key issues in collection, analysis, counterintelligence and covert action; the major issues on today’s intelligence agenda; the role of Congress; ethical and moral issues; and a description of some major foreign intelligence services. This book has become the standard college and graduate school textbook on intelligence.

Managing Intelligence Resources by Dan Elkins
(4th Edition | DWE Press | June 2014)

A nationally-recognized expert in defense and intelligence resource management and Senior Faculty Member of the Intelligence and Security Academy, Dan Elkins has trained over 9,000 military and civilian personnel throughout the U.S. Intelligence and Defense Communities in national security resource management issues. He is the author of Managing Intelligence Resources, a publication serving as the most authoritative consolidated reference on intelligence and defense resource management for the intelligence and defense communities. To purchase this textbook, please contact Mr. Elkins directly at

Book cover: The Technical Collection of Intelligence by Robert M. ClarkThe Technical Collection of Intelligence by Robert M. Clark
(CQ Press, a division of SAGE | July 2010)

Robert Clark has been an intelligence analyst for 36 years, currently serving as an independent consultant assessing threats to U.S. space systems and Senior Faculty Member of the Intelligence & Security Academy.  The Technical Collection of Intelligence offers a succinct, logically organized, and well written overview of technical collection, explained at a non-technical level for those new to the field. The only book to comprehensively examine the collection, processing, and exploitation of non-literal intellignece information, including electronic intelligence; radio frequency, laser, acoustic, and infrared signals; optical and radar imagery sources; and materials and materiel collection. A full-color interior design features an array of high-quality graphics.