On-Site Courses

The Academy’s courses cover a wide range of issues, each of which is built to meet the client’s specific needs, combining a variety of individual modules. The complexity and length of the courses depend on the client’s needs, the modules that are selected and the level of the course, whether it is basic or advanced.   On-site courses are brought to your location.

Our current course offerings include:

In addition to those courses we tailor for our clients, we also offer some courses through our OpenAcademy for individual enrollment.  Please see our OpenAcademy schedule!

Educational Approach

The Intelligence & Security Academy believes in a blended approach to education.  We combine a variety of teaching techniques, including podium presentations by Academy faculty, featured guest speakers,  in-class exercises and case studies that often involve student presentations and discussion, and the use of other media, such as films.  In-class activities allow the students to apply their knowledge on a real-time basis.

Tailoring Your Course

The flexibility of our curriculum allows us to serve each of our clients very precisely. The Academy achieves this individualization by holding intense consultations with the client to be certain that we understand and meet their needs fully. If we do not have a course that specifically meets the client’s needs, the Academy will create the needed course from scratch, through a similar iterative process.

Guest Speakers

Many of our courses are enhanced by guest speakers, all of whom have held very senior government positions, including former Director of National Intelligence and Commander, Pacific Command; Acting Director of Central Intelligence (DCI); Director of the National Clandestine Service at the CIA; Chief of Staff to the DCI; U.S. Ambassadors; National Intelligence Officers; CIA Chiefs of Station; National Security Advisor; Director of NSA’s SIGINT Operations; Commander of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity; Budget Director of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Australian Defense Attache to the U.S; Director of the National HUMINT Requirements Center; the first Director of Intelligence at the FBI; the Executive Director, NGA; and many others.

Course Locations

We offer our courses either at the client’s preferred site (anywhere in the United States or overseas as required) or at classroom facilities associated with our corporate office in Arlington, Virginia.



Our courses are competitively priced. Prices vary depending on location, length, duration and any other specific needs.