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Introduction to U.S. Intelligence – July 12, 2016

Dr. Mark Lowenthal, internationally recognized expert on intelligence and author of Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy, provides students with a broad introduction to the major current issues in U.S. intelligence. Learn about the current structure of the Community, the role of the DNI and the IC agencies, collection, analysis, national security issues, the intelligence budget, and the role of Congress. This is an appropriate course for those who are fairly new to intelligence issues or as a refresher for those returning to intelligence issues. More Details

Analyst Training: Writing, Analysis, and Preparing Briefings – July 13-14, 2016

This course is designed for students to begin developing analytic skills for any intelligence-related or analytical function. Dr. Mark Lowenthal examines the role of intelligence in the policy process (within government or business), then offers an introduction to analytic skills, beginning with critical thinking and reading, writing analysis, and preparing and presenting successful briefings. Much of what is required for good analytical writing takes place before the analyst actually begins to write.  The scoping and planning of the intelligence analysis therefore are major areas of emphasis in this course, as well as issues of format, length, word selection, etc.  The course is designed to get analysts off to a good start in as little time as possible, recognizing that there are important time constraints in such training and that much will also be learned on the job.  More Details

How to Operate More Effectively in the New Threat Environment: Educating the Next Generation of Intelligence Professionals – October 18-20, 2016

Both intelligence communities – government and private-sector – need to better understand the nature of their current and future competitive environments and learn how to operate more effectively in the emerging threat environment. We offer this program jointly with the FGH Academy of Competitive Intelligence (ACI). Mark Lowenthal, Jan Herring and Tip Clifton, respected educators, will provide attendees from both communities a forum to begin understanding the future intelligence environment that they will each face, and begin the process of developing ways that they might better work together to deal with similar issues and organizational challenges. This course is designed to help intelligence practitioners prepare for the new and emerging intelligence environment that both government and private-sector intelligence organizations will be facing in the years to come. More Details