New Course! How to Operate More Effectively in the New Threat Environment: Educating the Next Generation of Intelligence Professionals

October 18-20, 2016 (Arlington, Virginia)

Both intelligence communities – government and private-sector – need to better understand the nature of their current and future competitive environments and learn how to operate more effectively in the emerging threat environment.

We offer this program jointly with the FGH Academy of Competitive Intelligence (ACI). ACI is the oldest educational institution dedicated to training managers and companies in better managing risks and anticipating new market opportunities through the use of competitive, market, and strategic intelligence.

This two and a half day educational program will be led by three of the most experienced and respected educators in the intelligence field, both government and private sector.

Over the last several years, Intelligence Professionals in government have been tasked by Policymakers to address an increasing number of issues that had previously been mainly of concern to the private-sector, e.g., the protection of corporate intellectual property (IP) and company’s global supply chains. These topics along with concern for cyber threats to basic infrastructure operations such as the electrical grid and water supplies have gradually increased the amount of new national security intelligence work – but without the additional resources or related analytical skills. At the same time, private-sector intelligence and security professionals are facing increased threats from international competitors, some of which are state-owned and do not operate by the same set of legal and ethical standards that most multinational corporations do. Few private-sector intelligence organizations are prepared to cope with such competitors.

Both intelligence communities – government and private-sector – need to better understand the nature of their current and future competitive environments, and to begin to develop both the intelligence sources and analytical skills that they will need to operate more effectively in the emerging threat environment. This educational program will provide attendees from both communities a forum to begin understanding the future intelligence environment that they will each face, and begin the process of developing ways that they might better work together to deal with similar issues and organizational challenges. This course is designed to help intelligence practitioners prepare for the new and emerging intelligence environment that both government and private-sector intelligence organizations will be facing in the years to come.


Day 1: Mark Lowenthal “Issues for the Intelligence Professional”
Dr. Lowenthal will address Open Source Intelligence Today; Training an Intelligence Work Force; and Warning Intelligence: What, How.


Herring2016Day 2: Jan P. Herring “The Future Competitive Environment Facing Both Public and Private-sector Intelligence Professionals”
Mr. Herring will address 
the ‘Future Intelligence’ Environment for Private-sector Intelligence Professionals; New Types of Intelligence Professionals that will be needed in “That Future”; New Analytical Techniques and Tools for The Future Intelligence Environment

TipFinal2016Day 3: Tip Clifton “Innovating in Analytics”
Successful organizations today increasingly leverage information to support decision-making across the enterprise. The shift from information and technology scarcity to over-abundance has radically tilted the playing field away from collection and towards analysis, opening up huge opportunities for business. Organizations can (and now must) innovate rapidly in analytics; to do so requires organizational commitment, understanding the organizational impediments to analytics innovation, and a decision-centric approach for achieving change. This half day session will use case studies to illustrate principles of effective innovation in analytics.

Course registration is handled directly through ACI.  More information can be found here.