Cyberforce Superiority®

Cyberforce Superiority

The Intelligence & Security Academy offers a full range of courses devoted to the issue of cyber.  A summary of each of the courses with links to detailed descriptions, learning objectives and course content can be found below.

Cyber Security: Risk & Mitigation

The litany of recent high profile cyber-attacks has focused the attention of managers, corporate officers and boardrooms on their exposure to cyber risk. The pervasiveness of cyber in all aspects of an organization’s daily activities raises both vulnerabilities and opportunities. We offer courses designed to help managers and leaders gain the familiarity they need to deal with cyber-related issues that will affect their enterprise, whether in the public or private sector, and to begin to assess their relative risk in cyber. These courses focus on vulnerabilities, the inevitability of cyber-attacks and the corporate and legal responsibilities involved to manage and mitigate the risk. These courses addresses cyber risk as an existing threat with a focus on the managerial requirements to understand that risk and mitigate its impact. Presentations and level of detail varies with the audience but these courses are appropriate for senior managers, IT professionals, executives, C-suite level leadership (CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO, et al.), Board of Directors, etc.

Cyberforce Superiority Executive/Managers Course
Gives students a technical sampling of the complete belt series in an immersive five-day offering.

Cyberforce Superiority Belts Courses
This is a cycle of 12-16 weeks of courses, taking the student from White Belt to the level of expertise they need, up to Black Belt.  This series is designed to take individuals from novice to a highly-skilled cyber warfare practitioner.

The topics are the same as in the Cyberforce Superiority Executive/Managers Course but in much greater depth and detail. This series is designed to allow the student to acquire exactly the skill level needed, making it highly effective in terms of cost and time.  Again, these are very hands-on courses with in-class labs following each teaching module.

Cyberforce Superiority White Belt Course
Gives students a solid foundation on ethics, policy, basic computer science and hacking.

Cyberforce Superiority Gold Belt Course
Gives students a more in-depth understanding of networking concepts and hardware with a focus on how network architecture influences cyber attack and defense.

Cyberforce Superiority Orange Belt Course
Gives students an introduction to exploitation methodologies, exploit operations, and defensive technologies and strategies that can prevent exploitation attacks.

Cyberforce Superiority Green Belt Course
Gives students a more advanced understanding of programming concepts, development of executable programs and the differences between scripting and compiling languages. The Green Belt is a secure coding belt.

Cyberforce Superiority Blue Belt Course
Gives students experience in locating and exploiting stack overflows working with shell code payloads and encoders, as well as defensive programming.

Cyberforce Superiority Red Belt Course
Gives students an understanding of reverse engineering, analyzing of executable files, analyzing malicious applications and the ability to modify software to change its behavior.

Cyberforce Superiority Brown Belt Course
Gives students experience working with advanced exploitation techniques kernel mode and network programming, and the utilization of rootkits and backdoors.

Cyberforce Superiority Black Belt Course
‘Perfection’ of Cybersecurity techniques.

Cyberforce Superiority Advanced Black Belt Course
Advanced Cybersecurity techniques.